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Flower cultivation in Antioquia

17% of the world’s flower production is born in Colombia, with more than 70,000 hectares dedicated exclusively to this purpose. Cundinamarca and Antioquia have concentrated the largest number of crops for several decades. For 2008, the department of Cundinamarca had 78% of the planted hectares, while the remaining 22% was located in Antioquia, making it the second department of Colombia for the cultivation of flowers.
According to DANE, the National Administrative Department of Statistics, about 95% come from these 2 export departments and the remaining 5% corresponds to the Cauca Valley and the coffee axis.
In Antioquia, the tropical climate favors the cultivation of Hydrangeas and Chrysanthemums, but without neglecting varieties such as sunflowers, Birds of Paradise, Asters, Solidagos, Ruscus, etc. Thus giving rise to the most important festival dedicated to the flora of the country, since 1957.
The diversity of species makes Colombia a country rich in this resource with an approximate of 1,400, making it desired by more than 90 countries to which it is exported to commemorate special dates, reaching 250,000 tons, but where it is the largest supplier to States. United. According to Dinero magazine, 7% of Colombian agricultural production corresponds to the floriculture market.
The Colombian geography and climate are fundamental for the success of the Colombian flower against its competition, surpassing even Holland, the number one country in the world, where Colombia is the second, being favored by the absence of seasons, allowing it to cultivate all the year.
We invite you to read the article by Alejandro López Arias “Colombia; land of flowers” from Uniminuto Radio on this topic.

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