Aster Matsumoto Pink

Data Sheet

Common Name: Aster
Botanical Name: Callistephus Chinensis
Seed count: 13,000-17,000 / oz or 450-600 / gram
Optimum germination temperature: 70ºF / 21ºC
Optimal growth temperature: 60-77ºF / 16-25ºC
Season: All year
Cycle: 14 weeks, 100 days from sowing.
Stem Length: 30 – 36 “inches
Spacing: 4 x 5 “inches



The Aster Matsumoto, cultivated in Colombia, are a variety of the nearly 240 species of Aster accepted in the world, although more than 2,300 have been described, which have a very wide range of possibilities, such as herbaceous, creeping, spiky, of a multitude of colors and sizes. Its physiognomy is very similar to the Margarita.
They live in temperate regions of the world, making them very adaptable to different conditions easily.
It is worth mentioning that Asters are perennial or annual herbs, they are rarely shrubs or climbers. They develop several stems with greenish and alternate leaves, produce flowers of different colors, such as white, lilac or pink, appearing solitary and terminal or corymbose (location of the flowers at the same height). Sprouting regularly in the spring, but also in the fall under favorable circumstances. The fruit is a fusiform achene (in other words, a dried fruit with an elongated ovoid shape).
Its growth rate is quite fast depending on the species, being able to reach 30 cm in just a few months.

Cultivo Solidago


Specifically speaking of the Matsumoto, we can briefly say that it is the first variety of Aster resistant to the Fusarium fungus (the genus Fusarium is a pathogen widely distributed worldwide, in more than 32 countries and affects more than 80 crops of commercial importance), It is available in a variety of 11 colors and a mix, its flower has a diameter of approximately 5cm (2 inches), with a yellow center, strong and long stems, as well as straight. Its production is approximately 14 weeks or 100 days, starting in the spring or by sowing techniques with manipulation of the photoperiod.
Its approximate height is about 60 to 70 cm (24-30 inches), making it popular, in addition to its cheerful colors, a long vase life of about 2 weeks, making it ideal for mixed vase and bouquet arrangements.

Aster Matsumoto White

Some Care

Although it is a flower very resistant to cold, as its visible part disappears with the arrival of winter, its roots await a new rise in temperature to sprout again, but it is worth noting some care that this flower requires.
Although it likes the sun, you have to pay attention to extreme heat, so it should be protected during those hours, irrigating it well and well enriched with humus.
The cuttings (or fine cuts of parts for later grafting or reproduction), should be made in spring, and then in autumn divide it to get new specimens.
As we mentioned regarding their love of the sun, Asters have to be outside, either in full sun or in a place where they receive at least 3 hours of direct light. If they have a lot of shade, their growth will be very poor and they will produce fewer flowers.
As they are small plants, they can be grown both in pots and in the garden, so the soil will be somewhat different depending on where they are kept:
In the garden: The soil must be fertile, with very good drainage. The ideal pH is somewhat acidic, between 5 and 6.5. They have no problem with clay as long as they absorb water quickly.
In Pot: it is recommended to put a first layer of pumice, akadama or similar and then fill with universal growing substrate mixed with 30% perlite.
Regarding irrigation, it is worth mentioning that it varies throughout the year, although they do not resist drought, they cannot be drowned either, since the risk of losing them is high. Its base must be of good substrate and adequate soil, but in addition to being watered just when it should be done, neither more nor less, for this the humidity of the soil must be previously measured, either by hand or with a digital meter.
It must be paid from the beginning of spring to the end of summer with organic fertilizers, if they are in a pot, liquid or grain fertilizers should be used according to the product’s recommendations.

Aster Matsumoto growing phases

Typical Aster Matsumoto programming with temperatures between 16-25 °C

Aster Grow Time

* 12 hours or less or transplant to 3-leaf stage
** Maintain ambient light until plants have 5-6 true leaves
*** Interruption at night of 4 hours or extension of the day to 16 hours. 10 f.c minimum. / 110 lux. Keep long days until the stems are 2/3 of the final desired height.
Note: Applying lights for 4-5 hours continuously for 3-4 weeks in combination with heating produces strong vegetative growth in a shorter amount of time compared to cyclical lighting with cooler night temperatures. Sticking with long days after initiation and reaching sufficient stem length causes delay and promotes a wider flowering window.

Finally, the wide variety of colors offers the possibility of including them in any composition, giving it a cheerful touch. Since ancient times, it has been identified with love and its divinities and used to be worn as an amulet to preserve the couple.