About Us

Our Story

Large experience at your service.

EL Jordan Farms S.A.S., established in 2008, is located in Rionegro (Antioquia)  Colombia, well known for its excellent climate and surprising combination of sun and rain, perfect for our products; flowers.

We are  growers in Colombia and from the beginning we have been committed to the production of flowers of the best quality, this has allowed us to develop a solid relationship with customers.

During these years of experience, at El Jordan Farms we are aware that our most important values ​​are freshness, quality and consistency, points that allow us to present our customers with high quality products and establish solid business relationships.

The excellent acceptance has allowed us to constantly expand our production area, which is now 18 hectares.

Our Commitment

We invest heavily in development in production, post-harvest and use the finest products to ensure consistent quality and freshness and bring outstanding service and competitive prices.

Our great knowledge and experience allows our flowers to reach their destination quickly within five days of being cut. This has increased its long life.

Value added

Currently it is normal to speak of quality, freshness and care of the environment, that’s what we do, but our quality is born of a truth, hands that work with love, that’s right, it is the great human quality that makes up our team , who more than growing flowers, we believe that we are making beauty and life grow.

We invite you to know our flowers.